Drunken Wrestlers

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Drunken Wrestlers development news and other:
But only in Russian…
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Minimalistic ragdoll fighting game about drunken wrestlers, created in 7 days for NextCastle DevCup contest

The goal is to force the opponent to lose balance, or inflict critical damage. The match goes to 5 wins.

The game has an opportunity to play together on one device!

Controls for PC/Web

Note: The game was made in 7 days, and i hadn’t enough time to translate it, so don’t be angry. And btw, i’m a 16-year old Russian student
Game has english since 01.02.2014. And i’m 17 18 already

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11 comments on “Drunken Wrestlers

  1. Аноним 12.12.2013 09:27

    nice game!

  2. Аноним 27.03.2014 16:10


    • Аноним блять 19.07.2014 16:56

      вот видно, сразу Русский.

  3. даня 19.04.2014 22:19


  4. Аноним 27.05.2014 23:51

    Can’t wait for sequel! This much bettet than that minibash bullcrap.

  5. conzzer 08.07.2014 13:20

    did you have macbook download version?

  6. Аноним 26.08.2014 20:01


  7. Аноним 26.04.2016 14:14


  8. Аноним 22.01.2017 21:37


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