Vellusar Space Program

Game is now in pre-alpha development stage! Download links closed

Vellusar Space Program is my main project inspired by Kerbal Space Program. It is now being developed and still have a realy small progress for about 10 months. That’s because this is my first project and i had started it as complete noob, so mecanics of this game has been rewritten about 7 times.


As i said, this game was born inspired by Kerbal Space Program, and with desire to have something like that in pocket, but by the earliest versions of the game it went on its own track. There is (and will be) a lot of own ideas and stuff in the game.
Since the game is now in the early stages of development, it is not necessary to pay attention to the graphics, appearance and performance of some of the things in the game. Everything you wanted to see in the game can be realized in the future.

See the game community and the latest news in VKontakte group or in the official site.

System requirements:
Android 2.2 +;
1000 MHz +, ARM v7 processor;
200 Mb of RAM;
GPU fully compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0.


[Download links are temporarily closed]

2 comments on “Vellusar Space Program

  1. Аноним 05.12.2014 15:35

    Y downloads closed?

  2. Артем 10.07.2015 11:22

    В группе ВК спазаноWиндоwс phone 8. Правда ли это? Неужели на wинду появится нормальный космосим??

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